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Leaders who still think that technology is only a tool to help employees better perform their jobs are harboring a belief that may be fatal to the companies they lead. To have the most productive work force in your industry and the top interaction with your marketplace, every employee must view the innovative use of technology as an essential aspect of their job. Lieberman Consulting helps corporations determine whether they have effectively merged the evolving digital work revolution into its corporate culture. Most importantly, we assist leaders in fostering a workplace where everyone uses technology to conduct business in the most creative, efficient and productive way.

Why Lieberman Consulting

Richard Lieberman, writes Forbes, explains how technology in the workplace “will change the nature of our jobs.” Methods of work, office locations and work hours are now undergoing the most profound change since the industrial revolution, but most companies do not understand how this transformation is affecting their own employees nor what to do to advance rather than block productivity. SAP Business Innovations, citing Forbes, notes that “most corporate leaders and consultants think the world of work will not change, but he [Lieberman] sees vast changes already happening among people under 40. It’s a little disturbing to think that many company leaders don’t have a clue about what is happening beneath them.” Lieberman Consulting helps corporations adapt to the changing work environment.

The Lieberman Consulting Advantage

A recent MIT study showed that large companies in every industry that excelled in combining sophisticated technology with strong leadership to enable employees to effectively and creatively use technology are 26% more profitable than their industry peers and have 9% higher revenue. Simply investing in technology is not enough; successful companies understand how technology can empower employees and lead their workforce to fully utilize it. Lieberman Consulting will assist in identifying where opportunities exist to increase employee productivity and contributions so that the client company remains competitive in this rapidly changing environment.

Empowering Employee Achievement

Lieberman Consulting offers onsite assessment of how effectively the client’s workforce uses technology. We identify deficiencies and disparities within the workforce on the use of technology; and we advise our client on the best and most practical ways to help employees and management realize their full productivity potential. Our goal is to assist the company to better compete in the new virtual business world.


Our consulting practice encompasses a broad spectrum covering the evolving interplay of human resources and technology. Here are just some of the issues that we are seeing:


How to maintain a corporate culture where employees are working remotely. As employees increasingly work from locations around the country and the world, including from home offices, and with fading away of the traditional workplace, how can a company convey its values and maintain loyalty to a dispersed workforce? This is a critical issue that every company should be addressing now.


There is a silent generation gap between older and younger employees in the work world. This gap will grow as younger people work much more virtually then their older colleagues and managers. It is critically important that every company understand what its younger employees are doing and how they think. Providing the most appropriate work environment will be essential in order to recruit the best young people and to enable them to work in the most productive and creative way.


Traditional office space is expensive and in many instances unnecessary or counterproductive for productive work. Consequently companies should carefully determine the best physical location for employees, whether in a central or regional office, shared or rented space near home or in a home office. Technology is now providing broad options as to where people should work and this critical decision should be led by the company, not by happenstance.

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About Richard Lieberman

Richard Lieberman is recognized as a leading employment law and intellectual property expert, ranked as one of top lawyers in The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers, America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, Chambers USA, and The International Who’s Who of Business.  He regularly consults with chief executive officers and senior executives at many of the world’s largest corporations.

He is the author of the best-selling book, “Your Job & How Technology Will Change It: Surviving & Succeeding in the New Work World” (Management Books). He has a large Twitter and Facebook following on how technology is changing work and makes regular media appearances on the topic, including being a regular Contributor at

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