Your Job and How Technology Will Change It

In the near future, technology will remake every job.  Richard Lieberman, internationally recognized employment and intellectual property expert, explains how every working person in every industry and profession will soon experience profound changes in their work as technology, social networking and virtual communications alter the way jobs have traditionally been performed.  Lieberman examines how most people in the work world, particularly over the age of 40, sense but do not understand the nature of these coming changes and are worried about their ability to adapt.  He explains not only what will happen to jobs, but more importantly,  instructs how workers can survive and prosper in the new work world. While there have been many books about how technology is changing the world, this is the first book to examine how the technology revolution will affect people in the most significant way – in their work.

The book arose from Lieberman’s experiences watching technology and economic forces create an environment where every job in every industry and profession is being radically changed.  Most people, especially middle age workers, do not understand these tectonic shifts or that jobs as diverse such as running a large department, fixing a computer, or helping a customer in a store find the appropriate garment, will soon require very different work skills.  To reveal these new paradigms, Lieberman, drawing on forty years of human resources and intellectual property experience, engaged in deep research, including interviews with people ranging from CEOs to white collar and manufacturing workers, as a foundation for the book.